2020 Winner of the John Garlick Award for Excellence Announced (Dec-20)

We are pleased to announce Sierra Lam Sam as the 2020 winner of the John Garlick Award for Excellence. This award was established in 2014 in memory of our founding managing director. It is awarded to an employee who throughout the calendar year has shown the ability to provide consistently great customer service, go that extra mile for our customers and generally stand out amongst our team as a leader for others to follow. Sierra has certainly ticked all these boxes throughout 2020 and is a thoroughly deserved recipient of this Award. Congratulations Sierra, our company is lucky to have you!!!!





Sierra Lam Sam with her winner trophy receiving from Robyn Garlick (Director)

Thank you Cleaner Day 2020 (Oct-20)

Thank Your Cleaner Day is a special day once a year dedicated to cleaners to show they are valued and appreciated for keeping our environments clean and hygienic every day for all of us.

Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world, yet most of the people undertaking this important work are invisible to you. Every day, skilled hard working cleaning staff are onsite to ensure your premises are ready to go for the next business day.

Tens of thousands of cleaner’s workday, night, and weekends to keep your working and living environments clean, safe, and hygienic.

It is time to stop and think about our cleaners and recognise the hard work that they do, often under the radar of normal working hours and often out of sight. A special day once a year dedicated to cleaners to show they are valued and appreciated. Thank Your Cleaner Day™ was launched for the very first time on October 19th, 2015 and your business has the opportunity to get involved this year on 21st October 2020.

On behalf of Kleenrite Group we would like to say THANK YOU to our staff for keeping our client sites hygienically clean and tidy every day.

We are proud to be in support of this special day to recognise the hard work you guys do. We appreciate the skill involved with keeping their premises image at a productive and presentable level.


Thank you

North City Shopping Centre team with Marina McCarthy (CSM), Colette Kriel (People and Culture Manager), Chris Begley (General Manager) & Robyn Garlick (Director)

22 December 2020

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