Green Cleaning

Fully tailored commercial cleaning services by experienced commercial cleaners

At Kleenrite we know providing quality green commercial cleaning services extends beyond simply cleaning – it encompasses products used, cleaning practices and sustainability factors to best support our environment.  We’ve put in place number of practices that demonstrate our commitment to principles of environmental sustainability and are proud to have been early adopters in this important area.

Our Green Cleaning | Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Approach:

  • We are extremely conscious of using environmentally friendly cleaning products – where possible and practicable – probably more so than others within the industry.
  • When using our green cleaning products we use those which are certified environmentally friendly.
  • Wherever possible we use a microfibre technologies. The key benefit is that it uses a minimally damp cloth with strong performing microfibres removing the need to use excess water and chemicals on site.
  • We carefully select the range of cleaning products and equipment we use and prefer suppliers that also have a strong focus on environmental sustainability.
  • We do not use bleach as part of our general cleaning services.

Other Environmental Services We Practice:

  • We can setup and manage your in-house recycling programs and will provide waste recycling audits as required.
  • We are a supporter of daytime cleaning services which helps minimise the use of after hour energy consumption. This approach can also offer benefits in areas of security and communication.
  • We use low decibel rated cleaning equipment for quiet daytime cleaning.
  • We are proactive in looking for opportunities to reduce usage, waste and unnecessary servicing to support your green procurement needs.