Staff Training

At Kleenrite, ToTal Property Services (Wellington), and Orbit Cleaning we provide a team of professional cleaners who truly take pride in their work.  As part of ensuring a quality clean for all clients’ work sites, we have put in place robust and time proven cleaning practices and procedures.  All our staff follow these practices, and our on-site supervision ensures these quality service standards are adhered to and maintained.

Our Commitment to Staff Training

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional cleaning services we provide:

  • A structured induction programme that all new staff must complete prior to commencing work at our clients’ premises.
  • Formal staff training on an ongoing and regular basis.
  • Annual upskilling that comprises part of our overall staff development programme.
  • Regular training on our Health and Safety systems, so all team members fully understand their requirements when on site.

ITO Certified Staff

From our years of experience we truly understand the importance of investing in our staff, to ensure our standard of service is maintained for all our clients. We strongly believe in providing a quality service at all the premises we service and support. This is demonstrated and reflected through our daily operations and ongoing staff training practices and procedures.

In December 2014, 34 staff were awarded their ITO certificates, having completed the ‘New Zealand Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking (Level 2)’. December 2015 saw a further 25 staff gain their Level 2 Certificate bringing our total percentage of staff ITO qualified to 50%. With percentages now at this level, any other company in our industry would be stretched to match our commitment to ITO training. January 2016 saw a further 19 staff embark on ITO training and will be qualified by Dec 2016.

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